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Mineral Processing Laboratory

The Mineral Processing Laboratory is a cutting-edge facility at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech (UPC) in the field of mineral processing and exploitation. It forms part of the infrastructure managed by the research group Smart Sustainable Resources (SSR UPC).

The laboratory is equipped with advanced installations for efficient, sustainable mineral processing, to optimise mineral separation, classification and concentration for more effective, responsible exploitation of these resources. Its advanced technology and machinery for mineral exploitation and processing means that experiments and sophisticated analysis can be undertaken in the various stages of the process. The aim of the laboratory is to help clients and collaborators to improve processes, optimise raw materials, promote recycling and, in short, achieve a circular economy in all industrial sectors that use any type of raw material. In addition, the laboratory works closely with companies in the mining and metals sector, to provide solutions and innovation in response to the sector’s challenges and needs. This enables the transfer of the knowledge and technology that is developed to practical applications.

The priority of the Mineral Processing Laboratory is to develop technologies and processes that are environmentally friendly. To achieve this, negative impacts must be minimised and sustainable practices promoted in mineral exploitation and processing.

The laboratory offers advanced training programmes, workshops and courses for students, researchers and professionals who are interested in expanding their knowledge in this field who reinforce the training of professionals specialised in the field of mineral processing.

For more information, see this link to the website of the UPC Technical and Scientific Services.