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Analytics and mobile devices

The analysis of data in mobile devices will become an increasingly important issue in the coming years. Hardware improvements such as more efficient batteries, larger memories and more efficient energy consumption will have a considerable impact on data analytics. Situations will arise in which mobile devices will require an analytics infrastructure, for example Graph Databases, to solve different problems.

This is due to the fact that Web Apps will start to carry out analytics on mobile devices, to make considerable savings in deployment (i.e. energy, cloud costs, and the staff required to manage services), by transferring expenditure to mobile devices and computational costs to owners. Thus, mobile devices will store data and analyse it, and will only pass interesting results onto the Web App provider.

Another interesting area will be information privacy. A significant amount of analytics business will be generated in this area in the future. Those who are reluctant to provide their own information to other companies may find a good alternative to third party recommendations and analytics, thus avoiding undesired data leakage to third party service providers. Finally, in some situations where the mobile device cannot be connected to 3G or a Wi-Fi network, the off-line analysis of data stored in the device will be required, for autonomy and better service provision to Apps’ users.


DAMA UPC, a member of CIT UPC, is shifting its strategy towards mobile technologies in conjunction with its spin-off company, Sparsity Technologies. This will be achieved through Sparksee 5 mobile (formerly called DEX), with versions for Android, iOS and BB10. This mobile database can manage data in a very compact way and supply graph analytics in resource-restricted mobile devices. DAMA-UPC provides knowledge in the applications area, while Sparsity provides its expertise in analytics technologies, including self-social network analytics, security, medical environments and travel.

Sparksee 5 mobile will be presented on CIT UPC stand, at the Mobile World Congress 2014 along with other technologies developed by our teams. You can find us in the Hall App planet (hall 8.1 stand 8.1K48). We look forward to meeting you there!

Josep-L Larriba-Pey
Director DAMA UPC