Singular infrastructure: the Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics

The Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics (LAB) at the UPC is a singular centre for the study of bioacoustics in maritime and terrestrial environments.

LAB has an open calibration and acoustic measurement tank, a tool that is dedicated to predicting the multi-path structure of the acoustic field created by a point source in the ocean. In this way, equipment can be calibrated that will be placed in an aquatic medium and the acoustic environment of a source is simulated. These simulations help to enhance understanding of processes of localisation and classification, and degradation in the presence of high levels of environmental noise.

The infrastructure helps to respond to conservation needs in the marine habitat and predict this habitat’s progressive deterioration. It also supports the development of technological applications that can limit the effects of anthropogenic noise in the sea and contribute to the sustainable development of maritime activities. This enables a response to the demands of local, national and international institutions, and society in general, by providing mechanisms for controlling marine acoustic pollution. However, the knowledge that is gained goes beyond the aquatic medium and can be applied to terrestrial environments, such as traffic control in cities, marine transport or the identification of leaks from industrial pipes, to give just some examples.

Key laboratory equipment includes transducers, hydrophones and particle movement sensors. With this advanced equipment, companies and entities are offered a wide range of services and solutions including:
– The development of bioacoustics technologies for monitoring marine and terrestrial biodiversity.
– Acoustic leak detection in industrial facilities.
– Action against aquatic pests using acoustic methods.

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