Pv Power Lab for photovoltaic applications

The Pv Power Lab is a facility managed by the research group Renewable Electrical Energy Systems (SEER UPC) at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech (UPC). Its main objective is to improve the efficiency of power processors for photovoltaic applications. The laboratory has solar panels connected to the microgrid. This enables applied research to be carried out in this field, for example, the design of photovoltaic power convertors with high efficiency, the implementation of advanced line interactive algorithms with ancillary services, the experimentation with grid connected and isolated photovoltaic systems, and the exploration of photovoltaic microgrids that work on grid connection and intentional island mode.

The main services provided by this facility are:

• Architectural integration of solar panels in buildings.
• Energy control and management for a building.
• Hybridisation with an energy storage system.
• The implementation of off-grid solar systems.
• Real-time simulation systems (digital twins) with remote access.

The laboratory equipment includes the following: photovoltaic panel simulators, a workbench for developing prototypes, grid and microgrid simulators, advanced HIL control systems  (dSpace), DSP development systems, digital scopes and meters.

For more information, see this link to the website of the UPC Technical and Scientific Services.

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