Opportunity for innovative SMEs in the Internet of Things

Technology transfer is a very complex process, but highly necessary. Knowledge tends to be generated in environments such as universities and research centres that differ from those in which it is applied and marketed. Transfer from these institutions to the markets has a very high failure rate (known as the technological ‘Death Valley’ by the Anglo-Saxons).

Various mechanisms exist to encourage technology transfer, based on the same premise: the key is promoting contact between the production sector and the environment in which research is undertaken.

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In this area, an ambitious European project has been launched called TETRAMAX. To sum it up in a paragraph: the aim is to stimulate innovation by promoting a range of technology transfer experiences, to identify the best models and encourage collaboration between universities, research centres, and companies in different European countries, with a focus on the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Data Management Group (DAMA UPC), a member of CIT UPC, is participating in the project, which has a budget of 7 million euros and forms part of the Horizon 2020 strategy.

In the next four years, the 22 project members will work on various areas. One of them is centred on designing, organizing, cofunding and assessing a range of technology transfer models at European level, bringing together universities, companies and funders to complete the cycle from the creation of knowledge to its arrival on the market in the form of innovative products or services. The project is focused on the participation of small and medium-sized companies, which find it most difficult to incorporate innovation into their production processes.

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For companies that work in the Internet of Things, DAMA UPC is organizing an Info Day on 11 January. This day is a good opportunity for small and medium-sized companies in the sector and for universities or research centres with an interest in exploiting business opportunities in the Internet of Things, supported by a bilateral consortium with offices in two European countries. The result of the project should be applicable and its impact measurable, in terms of revenue or jobs created.

TETRAMAX has a call open until the 28 February (Bilateral TTX Call) to join the project.

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