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Training, key to the use of technology

Technological progress is accelerating exponentially, through new knowledge, applications, industrial developments and improvements to existing tools and techniques. In 2013 alone, a total of 2.6 million patent requests were registered worldwide, up 9% on the previous year.

As a result, professional requirements for those who work in the development and implementation of technological processes are increasingly demanding, as it is essential to keep up-to-date with innovations that emerge in the area of specialization.

Companies need executives and experts who understand the latest developments, the available technologies and their applications. An error in the application of technology to production processes, products or services can have a major impact on a company’s immediate future.

For this reason, all organizations involved in the development and use of technology, including clusters, universities, professional schools and technology centers, stress the importance of training as an essential way to ensure that companies using technological developments can understand, evaluate and select those that best meet their objectives.

The Technology Center of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (CIT UPC) brings together the work of 20 leading UPC research and technology transfer centers. These centers are staffed by 530 researchers and technologists, who are high-level specialists in technology development in a wide range of areas, including materials, energy and the environment, production technologies, medical technologies, food and ICT. As a result of their work, 107 patents have been registered and over a thousand agreements made with companies.

The knowledge, experience and vision of these researchers (over 260 of whom are PhD holders) are available to companies and their professionals. In fact, a new CIT UPC activity has been designed specifically for companies and will start up this month: Tech Training.


Tech Training involves specialized technology courses offered in face-to-face mode at the different laboratories and facilities of the UPC in Barcelona and Terrassa. The programs have a highly practical focus and last from 9 to 30 hours. The first programs will run in March. They have been designed by CIT UPC to offer companies in the surrounding environment very specialized, lifelong learning training programs on key aspects of: innovation processes in systems for the supervision and control of automated processes, machinery design for manufacturing and assembly, web-based geo-applications, ecodesign, and durability in food distribution, among others areas.

Discounts will be offered to members of the university community and companies that collaborate with the UPC, as well as those that enroll two or more people on one of the programs.

Programmed can be tailored to companies and new courses are planned for the future, based on the real needs and interests of companies. Joint funding may be available for employees through the Fundación Tripartita para la Formación y el Empleo.

Further information on the offering of programs, enrollment, etc. can be found at: