Monthly Archives: June 2013

Welcome to the CIT UPC Blog

It is more than two years since we launched the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya’s Technology Center. Since then, we have worked to ensure the progressive growth of this collaborative project that arose out of the long, rich experience of 19 UPC research centers; leaders in research and technology transfer to companies.

Now, we are opening a space where we can share information about the technologies and projects developed in the centres that form part of the CIT UPC. In this space, we will describe everything that could be of interest to those who, in one field or another, are actively involved in all the processes of developing innovation: from the conception of new technologies, to their development and implementation in the production sector.

We invite you to participate, to send us your comments, to be proactive, to enrich the debate, and to share information on social networks when appropriate.

At CIT UPC, we are looking forward to reading your contributions. We want to add to the exchange between the world of knowledge, technology and companies from a global perspective. To achieve this, we will pass on information of interest about innovation generated within the CIT UPC community, on the latest business ventures that have emerged as spin-offs, and on any innovation that contributes to the development of new products, processes and services for companies and organizations, regardless of its origin.