CIT UPC and the sustainable development goals (SDG)

The sustainable development goals are here to stay. Since their approval in 2015 by the United Nations, the 17 areas on which they are based have been incorporated into the policies of the main states in the world and adopted by regional and local governments, companies, universities and non-profit entities.

2030 Sustainable Development Goals

Foundations have joined this global movement that activates the talent, capacity, resources and knowledge of millions of people to eradicate poverty, preserve the planet and guarantee the prosperity of all who live on it.

Some consider the sustainable development goals a marketing action to appease the conscience and fill in the social, green agenda of governments. They are mistaken, precisely because the development of the goals goes beyond governments. The goals highlight global problems on which there is consensus: issues relating to health, ecology, resource management, the generation and distribution of energy and the development of cities, among others.

All organisations whose aims include contributing to development through efficiency and sustainability must get involved in this project. This is particularly true if their main activity is related to technological innovation.

Research applied to energy and the environment, ICT, production, materials and health are the main areas in which UPC researchers work. The results they achieve have a direct impact on their environment through the companies with which they collaborate, public entities and the third sector, which all form part of the ecosystem surrounding the university.

Projects such as modelling Barcelona’s urban transport are in line with the aim of achieving more sustainable cities.  The improvement in the performance of hydraulic turbines has a direct impact on energy consumption. To ensure the sustainability of seas, oceans and their resources, we develop innovative water treatment systems, and we contribute to the global fight against Alzheimer’s disease using artificial intelligence for early identification. These are just some examples of recent projects.

We are proud to form part of a global challenge that goes far beyond achieving the best in our work. We have an international outlook that connects us with organisations and professionals worldwide. Some of our projects are implemented in countries in which technology is the key to economic, ecological and social change.

The Sustainable Development Goals are essential. They provide an opportunity to apply to everything we do the elements of sustainability, equality, inclusivity and health that form part of the goals. The aim is to contribute to general well-being in the entire process, because it would be impossible or difficult to defend achieving these goals through activities that do not respect the principles on which they are based.

Today, 1 October, the European Day of Foundations and Donors, is a good time to describe our actions and renew our efforts and commitment to achieving these goals by 2030. Our future depends on it. 

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